Join us, and lead one or more sessions in our LeaderFlow Development Program.

LeaderFlow explores a comprehensive approach to tackling issues related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and leadership development in AEC organizations. We recognize the challenges that professionals of color encounter, challenges that often leave industry leaders unsure of how to address them. Through the creation of a psychologically safe environment where seasoned industry leaders can interact with LeaderFlow cohorts, we aim to initiate the foundation for bringing about positive changes across all organizational levels.
As a Flowcilitator you will have an opportunity to:
  • Meet and work with other AEC industry leaders to explore effective EDI strategies.
  • Engage in personal development and lead professional development to help transform workplace culture.
  • Attend the LeaderFlow Development Program Flowcilitator Orientation and Training Program and become certified in The “Flowcilitator” Framework: A Model For Inclusive Facilitation.

Flowcilitator Qualifications

We look for the following criteria in our Flowcilitators:

  • Established leaders in your respective field
  • A demonstrated interest in advancing DEI at your workplace
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Strong ability to lead, motivate, and engage cohort participants
  • Attend the Flowcilitator Orientation and Training

The Flowcilitator Orientation and Training Program

The Flowcilitator Orientation and Training Program is designed for leaders who are ready to make the bold moves necessary to center equity within their organizations, spark sustainable work, and inspire people – including colleagues and external partners – to join them in building a vibrant and inclusive future. The “Flowcilitator” framework: A Model For Inclusive Facilitation was developed in partnership with Rooted Consulting Group.

After participating in the Flowcilitator Orientation and Training Program, you will be able to:

  • Increase your skills as a facilitator, and learn how to effectively lead and facilitate a conversation or meeting with equity and inclusion in mind
  • Examine best practices for managing and facilitating difficult conversations.
  • Demonstrate techniques to support constructive dialogue between groups and effectively communicate with others during high-stakes and challenging conversations.
  • Join with other training participants to lay the foundation of a new network of AEC leaders dedicated to establishing equity as a firm practice.

Become a Flowcilitator

Fill out and submit the form to inquire about becoming a Flowcilitator.

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